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Conference Activity

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"White/Women/Performance: Fractured Intersections in Trumpian Times." Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference. Boston, MA. August 5, 2018.

"Performance Studies in/from the Global South" Working Group. Co-convened with Laura Edmondson and Jisha Menon. American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR) Conference. Portland, OR. November 7, 2015.

"Performance Studies in/from the Global South" Working Group. Co-convened with Catherine M. Cole, Megan Lewis, and Jisha Menon. ASTR Conference. Portland, OR. November 22, 2014.

"Sports Play/Sports Performance" Panel. Sole Convener. ATHE Conference. Orlando, FL. August 4, 2013.

Panels Organized

Papers Presented

“Vital Energies and the Transoceanic Trace of Race: Kaatje Kekkelbek; or ‘Jim Crow’ Among the Hottentots.” Political Theater and the Spectacle of Power. Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association. Atlanta, GA. November 30.


“Scriptive Blackface and Eighteenth-Century Minstrelsy." Arousing the Bodies of Pre-1850 Performance Working Group. ASTR Forum at La Jolla. San Diego, CA. November 15.

"Racial Impressions, Capital Characters, and Inimitable Whiteness: Dave Carson Brownfaces the Empire." Impersonation in South Asia Symposium. Annual Conference on South Asia. Madison, WI. October 11, 2018.

"The 'Girls' of the Period: White Womanhood and Racial Innocence on the Transoceanic Stage." White/Women/Performance: Fractured Intersections in Trumpian Times. ATHE Conference. Boston, MA. August 5, 2018.

"Surveying / Surveilling the Databodies of Theater History: Visualizing Nineteenth-Century Performance Networks." Digital Defense for Scholars, Artists, & Activists Working Group. ASTR Conference. Atlanta, GA. November 17, 2017.


"The Many Genealogies of Sarah Baartman." Performing Time. Modern Language Association (MLA) Conference. Philadelphia, PA. January 5, 2017.

Plenary Session: "Transoceanic Blackface; or, The Silver Belt Jig." Transcriptive Objects and Things. ASTR Conference. Minneapolis, MN. November 4, 2016.

"Sly Bureaucracy: Power and Archival Practice in the Global South." Paper Works/Paper Fails: On Performance and Bureaucracy. TATHE Conference. Chicago, IL. August 12, 2016.

"'The Inimitable Dave': Performing Colonial Mimicry, Mimesis, and Inimitability Under the Raj." Association for Asian Performance (AAP) Conference. Chicago, IL. August 10, 2016.

"The Many Racial Effigies of Sarah Baartman." Performance Studies in/from the Global South. ASTR Conference. Portland, OR. November 7, 2015.

"The Other Other Question: Stereotype, Discrimination, and the Performance of Post-Apartheid South Africa." African & Caribbean Theatre & Performance Working Group. International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR) Conference. Hyderabad, India. July 5-10, 2015.

"Transoceanic Blackface, 1848." Performance Studies in/from the Global South Working Group. ASTR Conference. Baltimore, MD. November 22, 2014.

"Re-Thinking Sports Fandom: Neoliberal Governmentality, Biopolitics, and Fantasy Sports." Sports Play/Sports Performance. ATHE Conference. Orlando, FL. August 4, 2013.

"'The Countee Cullen Cruller': Siting (Post-)Racial Consumption in Tracy Letts's Superior Donuts." Play(s), Production, and Performance. Performance Studies international (PSi) Conference. Stanford, CA. June 27, 2013.

"Signature Performances, Performative Signatures: The 'Strange' Case of Leo Núñez and Juan Carlos Oviedo." Performance Studies and Contemporary Sports. Canadian Association for Theatre Research (CATR) Conference. Victoria, CA. June 1-4, 2013.

"(Un-)Binding African-American Female Performance: The Plays of Regina Taylor." Refiguring American Mythologies. ATHE Conference. Washington, D.C. August 4, 2012.

"Tour(ist)ing Post-Apartheid South African Theatre: Representation, Decipherability, and the Works of Brett Bailey, Yael Farber, and Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom in International Production." Intercultural Translation. PSi Conference. Leeds, UK. July 1, 2012.

"Re-Colonising the Mind? Playing on 'Universal' Classics in Post-Apartheid South Africa." Economies of African Performance Working Group. ASTR Conference. Montreal, QC. November 18, 2011.

"Settling Differences: Locating and Challenging the Foundational Structures of the Standard Bank National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, 1996-2010." Theater History Group Debut Panel. ATHE Conference. Chicago, IL. August 12, 2011.

"Looking At and Looking Through: The Prismatic Body of Anna Deavere Smith." Philadelphia Theatre Research Symposium. Philadelphia, PA. March 14, 2011.