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fox mirror forest

by Rebecca Chaleff and Rebecca Ormiston

Devised, Choreographed, and Directed by The Becky Collective

Stanford University Department of Theater & Performance Studies (Stanford, CA)
Photos by Jamie Lyons and Frank Chen

Head Nurse: Bonnie Crocker

Nurse: Kellen Hoxworth

Patient: Raquel Orendain Srestha

Librarian: Nora Kelly

Archivist: Sage Behr


Stanford Arts Review online press coverage available here.

Stanford Daily online press coverage available here.

The Balcony

by Jean Genet

Directed by Michael Hunter and Jamie Lyons

Produced by The Collected Works

at the San Francisco Mint
Photos by Jamie Lyons

Madame Irma: Val Sinckler

Police Chief: Scott Baker

Carmen: Ryan Tacata

General: Jack Halton

Judge: Lauren Dunagan

Bishop: Jeff Schwartz

Beggar/Envoy: Florentina Mocanu-Schendel

Arthur: Valerie Fachman

Elayne: Audrey Dundee Hannah

Roger: Kellen Hoxworth

Beggar's Girl/Chantal/Slave: Nathalie Brilliant

Thief/Georgett: Amy Munz

Margot: Tonyanna Borkovi

Rosine/Armand/Blood: Todd Pivetti

Luke/Sperm: M.G. Renu Cappelli

Louis/Tears: Will Trichon

Visual Art & Costumes: Latifa Medjdoub

Lead Designer: Angrette McCloskey

Music Director/Composer: Nathaniel Berman

Sound Artist: Derek Philips

Theatre Journal review by Kimberly Jannarone available here.

TDR: The Drama Review review essay by Rebecca Chaleff available here.

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